Top 5 Midterm Blogs

After seeing everyone’s blogs (and spending quite some time on my own), I can see that everyone put a lot of effort into their blogs and videos. It was difficult for me to pick just 5 that I enjoyed. Without further ado, here are my top 5 picks:

5: The Hidden Wild  by Jordan Gentile

I can’t say I’m a believer when it comes to card readings. The first image that pops into my head when I hear “tarot cards” is that of an old crone in a Bohemian-styled tent, waving her wrinkled hands over a crystal ball and charging an obscene amount of money just to spout some generic fortune that could relate to literally anybody. That being said, I have to admire Jordan’s enthusiasm; her blog posts are lengthy, detailed, and honestly quite interesting—yes, even for a non-believer. It’s a refreshingly-different blog topic, a tarot-loving person’s dream. My suggestions would be to include more color in the theme, add a header picture that relates more to the topic, and up the volume on the tutorial’s music. It’s certainly worth checking out.

4: Beauty by Gerri by Geraldine Martin

I’m not a “girly-girl” by any means. That’s not me trying to be edgy, it’s simply the truth. The most girly thing about me is my love of dresses—but it ends there. Geraldine’s blog is on my Top 5 because even I, as someone who doesn’t wear make-up, would follow it. It’s simple, clean, and looks like an official website for a legitimate make-up brand. The colors—black, white, and pastel pink—complement each other nicely, the font is professional and legible, and the site is easy to navigate. The only suggestion I’d make is to increase the size of the font.

3: The College Road Trip by Deanna van Woerkom

As I begin the second decade of my life, I have a strong urge to see the world. Perhaps this stems from the knowledge that my youth is slipping away gradually, and that once I enter the workforce and start a family, I’ll probably be stuck in a suburban town somewhere, driving a Honda and getting excited by 30% off coupons for Old Navy… *ahem* Anyway. Because I have plans to travel, I can appreciate a blog that caters to someone like me, “the broke college student.”  I like Deanna’s color scheme (sea foam green and gray), easy-to-read font, and simple layout. Her detailed post and well-done video show an admirable amount of effort and care. Her confident attitude in the video shows how knowledgeable she is about the topic; I’m definitely going to follow her tips the next time I plan a trip and I suggest you do, too.

2: College Dorm Baking by Lauren Colonna

Unfortunately for my waistline, I have a tremendous sweet tooth. However, the quality of the dining hall desserts is “meh” at best and “is this edible?” at worst. Therefore, when I saw Lauren’s blog, I immediately thought, “oh, this is totally going on my Top 5.” The theme she chose—using several shades of pastel pink—is adorable. Somehow, the blog itself looks like a dessert. I find everything about her blog aesthetically pleasing, from the color choices, to her header, to the font. Her tutorial was easy to follow (again, unfortunately for my waistline)—I liked the song even though I know it’s going to be stuck in my head for hours. The only thing I would fix is the video’s alignment; the black bars are disruptive and the footage feels a bit too zoomed out. For you dorm-dwelling sugar fiends, I highly recommend this blog.

1: forREEL by Mallory Nathan

As a lover of film, I was immediately drawn to forREEL (and who doesn’t love some good ol’ wordplay?). I too dislike pretentious movie reviews and go out of my way to find reviews that keep it “reel.” In fact, this blog reminds me of two movie critics I frequently watch on YouTube—ralphthemoviemaker and YourMovieSucksDOTorg. The blog’s color scheme is minimalistic: black, white, and a touch of gold in the tags and header. All the color it needs is in the header picture, in my humble opinion. The gold font is reminiscent of Hollywood (the gold of an Oscar), while in this context I’d liken the black and white to the end credits of a movie or a vintage film. My favorite aspect of the blog is the sassy tone of the posts (or at least the first one); I always appreciate some humor in commentary. I wouldn’t change a thing about this blog, which is why it’s number 1 on my Top 5. Mallory, I sincerely hope you continue to update your blog.