More Copyright

When I was searching for pieces of media to use, I was surprised by the terrible quality of the results. For example, I tried looking for a picture of kids playing Frisbee to match our ending scene, but could only find a few blurred pictures—most involving dogs playing instead of humans. In the end, I found this picture of a guy (who looks like he could be a Rutgers student) giving a thumbs up, as if to say “Career Services is A-OK in my book.”

Image result for group thumbs up

The other two pieces of media were much easier to find. The song I found is called “Margorp Deviver” by 60 HZ FQ. It’s a quirky, peppy little ditty that I think would fit nicely as background music for our project. Lastly, the video I found is titled “Rutgers Ban on Greek Parties Expires.” Ignoring the morbid context of the video, I think we can extract the footage of students walking around Rutgers and include it at the beginning of our video as a nice establishing shot. In last week’s reading, Lessig mentioned that “the laws need to change, but so do we. We need to find ways to chill control-obsessed individuals and corporations that believe the single objective of copyright law is to control use, rather than thinking about the objective of copyright law as to create incentives for creation. We need to practice respect for this new generation of creators” (165-166). In order to “chill” those who would immediately flag/take down videos containing copyrighted material, my group and I plan to use the Creative Commons Search Engine in order to find free pieces of media. By doing this, we’re adhering to the law and showing respect to creators who—by copyrighting their content—are trying to protect their products. Using the Creative Commons site, my group can avoid any potential legal issues when it comes to what media we choose to include in our project.


3 thoughts on “More Copyright

  1. Deanna April 9, 2017 / 8:26 pm

    I like the song you chose to use, like mine I think it will work as nice background music to the whole entire video. I think we could also possibly use the video of students walking from the news clip that you posted as well. When I was writing the script I did not write in the part with the frisbee, because I can not think of it realistically happening, just meaning I have never left my dorm to go outside and play frisbee. It is open to change, I just feel as thought the ending I put in the script fit better.


    • lanazetch April 10, 2017 / 2:57 am

      I agree with Deanna and I like the song as well. I agree with the frisbee thought, we definitely could have the students walk outside with the intention of grabbing food or something. I also thought that the frisbee thing just wasn’t something I typically would just think of going out and doing. So yes, I think the song or the clip would be a good touch. Picture not sure because it didn’t appear.


  2. Jordan April 10, 2017 / 4:05 am

    I was also surprised to find that most of the material in the creative commons searches was low quality. Then after further consideration I realized it wasn’t too surprising because all great material has owners that go through great lengths to keep their material their own. I really enjoyed your music choice because it could be a great benefit to us as background music. We will have to sort through all the material in order to find the best fit for the project. I am sure that our group will be able to produce a great project that respects the work of others by using only free materials.


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